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1st Trip since COVID

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Our 1st trip since the pandemic was to North West Georgia to visit Amicalola Falls State Park. Of course, one can't just do one stop in a trip. This was the culmination of the trip.

We started on Saturday morning with a drive north of our home in Atlanta, GA.

1st stop ......A small town called Talking Rock, by the way I discovered it a week prior as I was planning the trip. We saw an old train from the train track there and strolled thru the small park in the town.

2nd stop......We continued north to Ellijay, GA where we found another park....Tumbling Waters Trail. After about a 30 minute walking on the trail, we came to a beautiful falls.

3rd stop.....One can't keep going without enjoying a glass of wine. We stopped at Engelheim Winery. We indulged in their wine tasting experience after which we bought a bottle of wine each to pair with a plate of cheese, meats, dried fruits, and crackers. We sat in their garden, overlooking the field of grapes while we savored the experience. Nothing goes better with the experience than live music.

4th stop.....of course some food. We stopped at a favorite of our Airbnb host, Fuego Mexican Grill and Tequila Bar,

Finally after a long day, we turn in to sleep. We thought we would've had the energy to drink more wine while relaxing on the porch....noooope, we fell asleep after we washed up.

THE BEST PART OF THE TRIP WAS DAY 2. Amicalola Falls........

After checkout, it was a bee line to the park. We had ziplining scheduled for noon, so we found the location first. With an hour to spare, we decided to start a walk....NOT HIKE, (the word HIKE scares me....LOL) at the falls. OMG what a breathtaking view while at the top of the falls. We descended about halfway down the falls, down the well established trail with stairs. Yea.... when we got halfway, the thought of getting back up almost killed me, so it was time to turn back. PLUS, who wants to miss ziplining. My 1st ziplining adventure.

The way back up was strenuous, OMG, but I made it. My husband is almost a gym rat, but he was patient with me while I made my way back up. LOL. The workout and the view, air, and sound of the falls, was all worth it.

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