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Safe Travels with a Pandemic

Being a travel enthusiast, the start of the pandemic had left me in a state of despair. I have traveled to over 60 countries and 100 cities in this world, solo, yes SOLO, since 2009. Unfortunately and fortunately, the closing of international borders have made me decide to start exploring the United States. This decision also came after I began going thru withdrawal by being confined to the 4 walls of my home and stuck seeing the same set of people. Yes I love my friends to death, but too much is overload!!! LOL. Another pleasure of travelling, is meeting new people. I have always been described as a social butterfly.

To my surprise, there is so much here to see and do. So much natural beauty, some hidden, but many in plain sight. You just have to have the balls, will and drive to go.

These trips, I am taking in a different light as now I am married and have included my husband with this journey.

Image by Luca Bravo
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